Invisible Orthodontics







Invisible orthodontics treatment Alineadent consists of a series of individually removable aligners that exert a controlled and light pressure to the teeth, and obtaining a correction movement to the desired point in a controlled and progressive manner.

It consists of different thickness aligners that exert more or less pressure and force versus time of treatment in which the patient is. In the early stages, the aligners are thinner and more flexible to easily initiate movement.

Progressively, the aligner becomes thicker to strengthen the position we want to serve the latter as retainer. Thus all aligners, from the initial to the final, will be active.

A great advantage unlike other corrective Alineadent® is that we use the most advanced technology on the market getting more accurate results.

Through specialized software is developed throughout treatment with 3D systems from the initial stage of diagnosis to the same manufacturing sequence aligners minimizing the error margins.

From the results obtained with the software models of each set-up following a wholly owned digitized process that prevents many mistakes that are made with more traditional methods are prepared directly.

This digitization process significantly reduces production costs to provide our customers a very affordable product whose cost depends on the number of splints that includes personalized treatment for each patient.

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