Is a redefinition of the classical concept of dental clinic.

We began our journey resuming clinical work conducted by Dr. Redondo during his long career as a dentist.

Gradually we were introducing innovations and cutting-edge treatments in a clinic traditional clearly, trying not produce a break with this concept.

The result of this evolution is our soul defining, modern clinic with multispecialty organization design and performance but with a caring family oriented both professional and client team representing our highest values​​. In short, traditional values ​​and techniques generation appliances.


The trust of our clients by us must not be blind, we think we have to earn it every day through measures to it.

Therefore we comply with current regulations and recommendations on disinfection and sterilization, data protection law, informed consent, radiation protection, waste collection and so on. We are aware that our treatments can only aspire to excellence are based on whether the protection of our customers.


From the Dental Clinic Escoda we introduce and familiarize yourself with some of the Technological tools that are fundamental to offer the best warranty and highest quality in all treatments we apply.