Restorative Dentistry

La carie dentaire est la cause la plus fréquente de perte de dent et de suppression est toujours la première étape pour obtenir le fonctionnement bouche saine.

Le remplissage peut enlever la carie dentaire et restaurer la forme de la dent et fonction de protection contre les fractures. La clinique dentaire Escoda utiliser composites (plombages de résine) de grandes marques: 3M Espe, Voco , Dentsply, Denmat .


We believe that treating children not only differ by the techniques and characteristics of their age but also because how we handle them must be specifically adapted to them, we brought them always possible, the normal mechanics of the consultation dental.



Sure you know this term as easily as kill the nerve. It is a widespread dental treatment and its main objective is to preserve the tooth or the tooth in the mouth without pain or infection appears despite the decay has progressed to the pulp.

We incorporate systematically the electronic apex locator, the radiovisiography (RVG) and mechanized instrumentation with Protaper files for greater disinfection of dental ducts in less time and with more comfort patient, improving the outcome of treatment.


An implant is a titanium fixture usually pure acting replaces the tooth root and is able to integrate into the bone and live healthy and naturally with the rest of the tissues of the mouth.

In the Escoda Dental Clinic highly predictable surgical techniques used to implant brands of international renown such as Nobel, Straumann and Sweden & Martina .


The Damon system is more than a form of orthodontics, it is a concept of dental and facial aesthetics, however it is not the only system available to address the dental malocclusions.

The system of fixed brackets Alexander system is highly predictable and conventional orthodontics with a long trajectory their backs, in our case over 15 years of experience with this system we were fortunate to learn from the hand of Doctor Alijarde.

In contrast to the brackets in the Cynical Dental Escoda have conventional and new generation functional appliances such as the system Orto-thain with which we are very pleased with the results we have obtained and ease of use for the patient. We can not forget the removable aesthetic systems as fashionable today as the Alineadent system of great aesthetic and effectiveness.

Aesthetic Dentistry

We believe that our treatment should always be directed towards cosmetic dentistry, from simple composite filling to the substitution of one piece with an implant, however we wanted to highlight this section to discuss resin veneers and ceramic Duo-PHC and of course, the microcarillas ceramic Lumineers undoubtedly the most aesthetic and defendants and require an exclusive certification can use them.

Periodoncia Básica

Periodontal disease is more common than many would even think. Oral Health Survey of 2005 in Spain revealed that in some age groups (35 to 44) the presence of periodontal pockets affect one in four people and other older age groups the ratio was even higher.

In the Escoda Dental Clinic we place special emphasis on a careful removal of plaque to prevent the occurrence of initial periodontitis and by applying control techniques plate prevent progression to advanced periodontal disease.

With intrasurcular anesthesia Oraqix avoid most of the time using infiltrative anesthesia for root scrapings teeth. The Laser Diode Deka Smart allows us to achieve an effect of fotobioestimulation which promotes the healing of the affected tissues.


Through the prosthesis we replace the teeth that have been lost to restore function, health and of course, aesthetics.

Our c tem is more ambitious than the simple replacement of parts , you are also intend to solve the havoc that could have caused this loss on the position of the lips, wrinkles around the mouth, facial furrows very producing a marked … appearance of premature aging.

In the Escoda Dental Clinic we like working with dental laboratories using quality materials such as resins, high impact Lucitone 199 for removable prosthesis and the Flexite perfect for making partial dentures. Developed based thermoplastic resin, biocompatible and flexible nylon.

For making ceramic fixed prosthesis Ivoclar-Vivadent remains our benchmark for quality by Cerinate the most world-renowned porcelain.


Orthodontics Damon

In the Escoda Dental Clinic have the training to work with this system through European Master in Orthodontics Damon . With the Damon System braces smiles are broad and natural, with no black or flat profiles corridors, improving the patient’s facial appearance.

Damon is a revolutionary orthodontic appliance system , based on the application of light forces that respect the biological principles. Conventional orthodontics often requires removal of healthy teeth and / or the use of other devices on the palate to get the necessary space, which is uncomfortable, takes longer, and can leave a narrower arch and a flat profile.